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St. Anthony of Padua


Middle School Social Studies


Mrs. Bessert





"Freedom is not the ability to do anything we want, whenever we want.  Rather, freedom is the ability to live responsibly the truth of our relationship with God and with one another." 

POPE JOHN PAUL II 1920--2005



Welcome:  Only by learning about the past can you truly understand the present.  Only by learning about your nation's past can you understand what it means to be an American today.  (Prentice Hall The American Journey)  In today's world of global interdependence knowledge of the past and an understanding of the present may help us make decisions and deal with issues yet to come. 


Overview:  St. Anthony of Padua's middle school social studies program uses the Diocese of Grand Rapids curriculum and is aligned with the State of Michigan's standards for social studies.  The Prentice Hall textbook series is used at all three gade levels. In the sixth-grade program students explore the geography, ancient history, economics, culture, government and civics of the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere.   In seventh-grade students focus on American History from the beginning through the writing and adopting of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, while eighth-graders continue from that point to the end of Reconstruction after the Civil War.  Daily Geography will be an ongoing activity throughout the year at all three grades levels. 



On this wiki site you will find:


  • homework information homework
  • class newsletter  class newsletter
  • calendar calendar
  • picture gallery *Make sure your photo release is turned in to the school office or you cannot be put on the page.  Remember, no names are attached to pictures. pictures
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